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Refinement Techniques

The acris Sportpokal GmbH specialized in producing trophies and awards made of glass and crystal glass. To be able to deal with these high quality materials appropriately, requires great experience, carefulness and know-how in the field of glass manufacturing.
We have successfully developed this expertise over decades and we are proud to be able to offer you this wide range of refinement techniques. Let us introduce you to these techniques in detail.

Finest Engraving

Sandblasting is a glass engraving method where finest quartz sand impacts the glass through a strong air blast. This technique enables the artisan to engrave a motif deeply but also in a precise way into the glass.
The acris Sportpokal GmbH relies on this high-quality engraving method. Depending on the item’s and motif’s nature, we choose between positive or negative engravings. Additionally, the engraving can be colored to highlight it (see below).

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Water jet cutting

The name says it all. An extremely fast water jet cuts any desired form out of a glass or metal sheet. The acris Crystal Cup Manufacture offers different techniques for further processing of the cut form.
This makes it possible to customize the product according to your individual wishes.

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Thermoprint & Sieve Print

Thermoprint and sieve print are refinement methods, that allow printing of any motif on glass or metal surfaces.

  • The sieve print is limited to one-colored prints.
  • Thermoprinting allows applying multicolored photo images on glass or metal.

Sieve printing is perfect for printing a high number of units for a reasonable price.

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Color Refinement

  • The acris Crystal Trophy Manufacture refines glass trophies with brush techniques by using a big variety of colors. The colored surfaces are especially qualified for sandblast or laser engravings.
  • Sandblast engravings (see above) can be optically intensified and emphasized with a special technique.
  • acris uses the ice-crystal technique to create colorful highlights. The burning of different colored glass splinters onto glass surfaces or edges. The result is a fascinating crystal effect.

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Further engravings

  • We engrave self-bonding plates for the trophy base as well as pewter lids for beer mugs.
  • Our glasses and mugs are elaborately engraved by hand.

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